Heart of a legend

Mac Wiseman

Label:Madacy 4446
Release Date:2002-09-24
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Blue in my mind
A-2. Don't make me go to bed
A-3. Filipino baby
A-4. Great speckled bird
A-5. Have I told you lately that I love you
A-6. I'd trade all my tomorrows
A-7. If teardrops were pennies
A-8. Just because
A-9. Last letter
A-10. Let's live a little before we say goodbye
A-11. Let's say goodbye like we said hello
A-12. Letter edged in black
A-13. Little pine log cabin
A-14. Mansion on a hill
A-15. Maple on the hill
B-1. Mommy and daddy's waltz
B-2. No one will ever know
B-3. Picture from life's other side
B-4. Remembering
B-5. Silver thread among the gold
B-6. That old rocking chair
B-7. That silver haired daddy
B-8. Old spinning wheel
B-9. Prisoner's song
B-10. Wreck of the old #9
B-11. Tramp on the street
B-12. Traveling blues
B-13. Wedding bells
B-14. When God dips His love in my heart
B-15. You are my sunshine