Oh so many years

Bailes Brothers

Label:Bear Family BCD 15973
Release Date:2002
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2003-06
County Sales:#258

Song Information:

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28. Will the angels have a sweetheart
27. Sinner kneel down & pray
26. Pretty flowers
25. You can't go halfway
24. My heart echoes
23. Has the devil got a mortgage on you
22. Remember me
21. Come to the Savior
20. Read Romans ten and nine
19. Do you expect a reward from God
18. Ashamed to own the blessed Savior
17. If you have retreated from God
16. Oh so many years
15. You'll always be the only one
14. We're living in the last days now
13. Building on the sands
12. Broken marriage vows
11. Whiskey is the devil
10. I guess I'll go on dreaming
9. Down where the river bends
8. I want to be loved
7. I've got my one-way ticket to the sky
6. Fare thee well
5. There's tears in my eyes all the time
4. Dust on the Bible
3. As long as I live
2. Searching for a soldier's grave
1. Drunkard's grave