Hillbilly jazz

Vassar Clements

Label:Flying Fish FF 101
Release Date:1979
Country:United States

Song Information:

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D-6. Last song for Shelby Jean
D-5. You all come
D-4. Tippin in
D-3. C jam blues
D-2. Gravy waltz
D-1. Yellow sun
C-6. Little Rock getaway
C-5. Vassar's boogie
C-4. Hang your head in shame
C-3. Crazy cause I love you
C-2. Sitting on top of the world
C-1. Back home in Indiana
B-6. Sentimental journey
B-5. Cherokee
B-4. Blues for Dixie
B-3. Panhandle rag
B-2. It's dark outside
B-1. Brown's Ferry blues
A-6. Breakfast feud
A-5. Fais do do
A-4. Delta blues
A-3. Take me back to Tulsa
A-2. Texas blues
A-1. San Antonio rose