Me oh my, how the time does fly

John Hartford

Label:Flying Fish FF 70440
Release Date:1992-09-29
Country:United States
Barcode:018964044022 ID: 5669885
   Amazon ASIN: B000000MLB

Song Information:

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1. Skippin' in the Mississippi dew3:01
2. The Julia Belle Swain4:50
3. Natchez whistle3:02
4. I would not be here1:54
5. Miss Ferris7:00
6. Bear Creek hop1:57
7. Cuckoo's nest3:16
8. Boogie2:32
9. Gum tree canoe4:08
10. Slumberin' on the Cumberland4:47
11. Gentle on my mind4:37
12. In tall buildings3:27
13. Nobody eats at Linebaugh's anymore6:23
14. On Christmas eve3:16
15. Way down the river road2:19
16. Let him go on, Mama3:50
17. Good old electric washing machine (circa 1943)2:09
18. I'm still here3:08