Mac and Chubby live at Gilleys

Mac Wiseman & Chubby Wise

Label:Wise MAC-W 107-2
Release Date:2001-12-04
Country:United States

Song Information:

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23. Cacklin' hen
22. How great thou art
21. Liberty
20. Mary Linda
19. The kind of love
18. Pretty little widder
17. It rains just the same in Missouri
16. Faded love
15. Westphalia
14. Lee Highway
13. Catfish John
12. Driftwood on the river
11. Wabash cannonball
10. I wonder how the old folks are at home
9. Shackles and chains
8. Footprints in the snow
7. Mama, put my little shoes away
6. Carroll County blues
5. The prisoner's song
4. The wreck of the old 97
3. The waltz you saved for me
2. Maiden's prayer
1. Give me my Smokies and the Tennessee waltz