Live bluegrass from WMET-TV, 1968

Marvin Howell & the Franklin County Boys

Label:FCB Productions FCB 2410-1
Release Date:2001
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-07
County Sales:#245

Song Information:

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1. Hi de diddle
2. Send me the pillow you dream on
3. Willy Roy the cripple boy
4. Blue grass stomp
5. Act naturally
6. When you & I were young
7. Longer you wait
8. I overlooked an orchid
9. Bluebirds are singing for me
10. Roll muddy river
11. Pathway of teardrops
12. Hit parade of love
13. Bringing Mary home
14. Come back to me
15. Steel guitar chimes
16. Another bridge to burn
17. Are you missing me?
18. Just outside
19. Sawmill
20. Give this message to your heart
21. This heart of mine
22. Gone home
23. Come be my rainbow