A dark starless night

Mac Martin & the Dixie Travelers

Label:White Oak WO 105
Release Date:2001
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2002-03
County Sales:#253

Song Information:

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1. Just to ease my worried mind
2. Weary lonesome blues
3. Alcatraz blues
4. I'll be a friend to Jesus
5. Peacock rag
6. Are you lonely now
7. This rambler's ramblin'
8. Dixie bound
9. Dying boy's prayer
10. Come back darling
11. Farewell blues
12. Lonesome without you
13. A dark starless night
14. Sugar in the gourd
15. Sinner where you gonna hide
16. I knew the moment I lost you
17. Limehouse blues
18. I'm waiting to hear you call me darling
19. Lee Highway blues