Appalachian rain

Doug Cloud & County Line

Label:Pinecastle PC 1014CD
Release Date:1993
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1993-08
County Sales:#194
   Amazon ASIN: B000063BO1

Song Information:

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1. Little Bessie3:37
2. Traveling down that lonesome road3:07
3. Slowly getting you out of the way2:27
4. Ye old spinning wheel2:49
5. Appalachian Rain2:52
6. Are you missing me?2:35
7. Come back little darling2:30
8. You'll be rewarded2:46
9. price you have to pay2:16
10. Katy Daly2:27
11. Helen2:30
12. Blue Ridge Mountain blues2:29
13. I haven't seen Mary in years3:04
14. Rebecca2:58
15. Plant some flowers3:50
Vocals:Plant some flowers