Donnie 'Dobro' Scott

Label:Patuxent CD 037
Release Date:2000
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-12
County Sales:#244
   Amazon ASIN: B000I0QJWK

Song Information:

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1. Pain in my heart2:30
2. Leaving Tug Valley3:05
3. I'll be all smiles tonight3:00
4. Stormy horizons2:22
5. Bluebells of Scotland3:20
5. Ode to joy3:22
6. My destiny3:25
7. Cuckoo's nest2:10
8. Faded rose3:12
9. No one will ever know2:32
10. Yesterday I didn't know3:02
11. Star of the County Down3:03
12. Everyone has to answer2:29
13. Lovesick blues