Bluegrass preserved

The Isaacs

Label:Horizon HR 1016-2
Release Date:2005-02-15
Country:United States
County Sales:#271

Song Information:

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20. Why are you hungry?2:44
19. The sun will never set again2:04
18. Evergreen shore2:38
17. Paul's ministry3:42
16. Family chain3:25
15. Medley5:17
14. Thank you3:25
13. Wayfaring stranger4:08
12. Is not this the land of Beulah5:28
11. He never failed me3:43
10. Are you afraid to die3:27
9. Bring your vessels2:32
8. Prophet's admiration2:40
7. In God's hands2:36
6. The sunny side of life2:35
5. A man without God3:10
4. Cry from the cross3:13
3. Dreaming of a little cabin3:37
2. Wandering boy3:21
1. Look over the beautiful fields2:50