My old paint mare

Country Ham

Label:Vetco LP 517
Release Date:1980
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Rosalee2:23
A-2. Down to the gate2:17
A-3. California bound2:08
A-4. Wildwood flower3:23
A-5. Sourwood mountain2:32
A-6. The Lord's last supper2:20
A-7. My home's across the Blue Ridge Mountains2:30
B-1. My old paint mare2:11
B-2. There's better times a comin'2:48
B-3. Lula Walls2:32
B-4. Close the door lightly when you go2:00
B-5. Boatman1:41
B-6. I have no mother now2:38
B-7. Nancy Brown2:26
B-8. Uncle Herm's hornpipe1:18