More bona fide bluegrass

Various artists

Label:RCA Victor 74465 99002 2
Release Date:2002-10-08
Country:United States

Song Information:

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5. I'm comin' back but I don't know whenCharlie Monroe & his Kentucky Pardners
Vocals:C. Monroe-L
6. Bringin' in the Georgia mailCharlie Monroe & his Kentucky Pardners
Vocals:C. Monroe-L
7. Chalk up another oneJimmy Martin & the Osborne Brothers 2:37
Recording Date:1954-11-16
Composer:H. Winston-Wilmer Neal
Place:RCA Victor Studio, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Jimmy Martin-g; Bob Osborne-m; Sonny Osborne-bj; Red Taylor-f; Cedric Rainwater-bs
Vocals:J. Martin-L; B. Osborne-T; S. Osborne-B
8. Nobody cares (not even you)Lonesome Pine Fiddlers 2:22
Recording Date:1952-05-14
Composer:Paul Williams-Curley Cline
Place:Brown Radio Productions, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Paul M. Williams-g; Ray E. Goins-bj; Charles E. Parker-m; Curley Ray Cline-f; Ezra Cline-sb
Vocals:P. Williams-LV/TC; R. Goins-LC
9. Windy mountainLonesome Pine Fiddlers 2:37
Recording Date:1954-09-26
Composer:Curley Cline
Place:Thomas Studios, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Melvin Goins-g; Ray E. Goins-bj; James Carson-m; Ezra Cline-sb; Curley Ray Cline-f
Vocals:M. Goins-V; R. Goins-V; Curley Ray Cline-V
10. Lonesome road bluesBluegrass Banjo Pickers
11. The little old lonesome little circle songJohn Hartford
Vocals:J. Hartford-L
12. May I sleep in your barn tonight misterMcPeak Brothers
13. My little cabin home on the hillBill Monroe & Lester Flatt
14. Will you be loving another manBill Monroe & Lester Flatt
15. Head over heels in loveLester Flatt
16. Over the hills to the poorhouseLester Flatt & Mac Wiseman
17. The bluebirds singing for meLester Flatt & Mac Wiseman
18. Fastest grass aliveOsborne Brothers 3:09
Recording Date:1981-10-11
Composer:Paul Craft
Place:Theater By the Lake, Opryland, Nashville, TN
Instruments:Bobby Osborne-m; Sonny Osborne-bj; Paul Brewster-rhythm g; Ray Edenton-g; Leon Rhodes-lead g; Buddy Spicher-f; Hal Rugg-steel g/db; Jimmy D. Brock-bs
Vocals:B. Osborne-L; S. Osborne-H; P. Brewster-H