40 years of concert performances

The New Lost City Ramblers

Label:Rounder 0481
Release Date:2001-06-12
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2001-10
   Amazon ASIN: B00005J9Y9
   Google Play: Bhqpcpv7jcwer7rl44unig6sblm

Song Information:

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A-1. Soldier's joy1:36
A-2. Down in the willow garden3:15
A-3. Brown's Ferry blues3:16
A-4. Too tight rag1:34
A-5. Little birdie2:28
A-6. Darling Corey3:06
A-7. The Democratic donkey (is in his stall again)2:30
A-8. Poor Ellen Smith2:17
A-9. On some foggy mountain top3:22
A-10. Cackling hen2:05
A-11. The battleship of Maine3:31
A-12. Worried man blues3:02
A-13. The unquiet grave3:51
A-14. Lady of Carlisle4:17
A-15. Groundhog3:00
A-16. Orange Blossom Special3:33
A-17. East Virginia blues2:44
A-18. Country blues3:36
A-19. Little Maggie2:22
A-20. The little girl and the dreadful snake3:26
A-21. Keep moving3:11
A-22. Fortune1:49
A-23. She tickles me3:52
A-24. The Arkansas traveller3:43
A-25. Saddle up the grey2:55
B-1. Sally Goodin1:43
B-2. The old bell cow3:56
B-3. It's hard to leave you, sweet love3:12
B-4. Dark holler blues2:57
B-5. Locks and bolts2:38
B-6. Wildwood weed3:10
B-7. Milk 'em in the evening blues3:07
B-8. Madeline3:50
B-9. Sourwood Mountain1:11
B-10. Black bottom strut2:12
B-11. Jordan is a hard road to travel3:14
B-12. The old man at the mill3:01
B-13. Tom Sherman's barroom4:14
B-14. Turkey in the straw (intro)1:34
B-15. Turkey in the straw2:06
B-16. Old Joe Clark1:54
B-17. Rabbit chase3:38
B-18. Poor old dirt farmer4:41
B-19. Tennessee blues2:45
B-20. Gonna lay down my old guitar3:06
B-21. I've always been a rambler4:02
B-22. Baltimore fire3:42
B-23. Three men went a-hunting2:33