E. C. Ball, Erna Ball

E. C. & Orna Ball

Label:Rounder CD 11577
Release Date:1996
Country:United States

Song Information:

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25. He's a wonderful Savior
24. The old rugged cross
23. Church in the wildwood
22. Sweetest mother
21. If I could hear my mother pray again
20. I want to be ready
19. When the saints go marchin' in
18. Jacob's ladder
17. Black Mountain rag
16. The parting hand
15. I'm Glory bound
14. John the Baptist
13. The early bird always get the worm
12. Raggin' the wires
11. Ain't no grave can hold my body down
10. House of gold
9. I see God in everything
8. Give me just a little more time
7. The cabin in the valley
6. Do you call that religion
5. Aunt Dinah's quilting party
4. Chow time
3. Born to serve the Lord
2. When I can read my titles clear
1. Trials, troubles, tribulations