Acoustic collection

Eddie Adcock & Talk of the Town

Label:CMH CMH 9039
Release Date:1988
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1989-01

Song Information:

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A-1. Good ol' Sallie Gooden1:41
Composer:M. Christian
A-2. Where will I shelter my sheep3:17
Composer:I. Stier-J. Grieshop
A-3. I'll go stepping too2:20
Composer:T. James-J. Organ
A-4. Emotions2:47
Composer:D. Reno
A-5. Loose talk2:33
Composer:F. Hart-A. Lucas
A-6. Love and wealth3:15
Composer:I. Louvin-C. Louvin
B-1. I'd rather die young (than grow old without you)2:30
Composer:B. Smith-B. Vaughn-R. Wood
B-2. Limehouse blues2:28
Composer:P. Braham-D. Furber
B-3. (There'll be) peace in the valley (for me)3:22
Composer:T.A. Dorsey
B-4. No letter in the mail today2:31
Composer:B. Carlisle-B. Gregory
B-5. I can hear Kentucky calling me2:40
Composer:B. Bryant-F. Bryant
B-6. Eddie on the high ground1:33
Composer:E. Adcock
C-1. Gathering flowers from the hillside3:00
Composer:M. Christian
C-2. Heartaches2:10
Composer:A. Hoffman-J. Klenner
C-3. Before I met you3:00
Composer:C. Seitz-J. Lewis-E. Rader
C-4. (I'll pawn you my) gold watch and chain2:32
Composer:M. Christian
C-5. Waiting for the sunrise2:06
Composer:M. Christian
C-6. Go down yonder-Moses2:28
Composer:M. Christian
D-1. Mom and dad's waltz2:54
Composer:L. Frizzell
D-2. Meet Mister Callaghan4:10
Composer:E. Spear
D-3. Next Sunday is my birthday2:35
Composer:A.Q. Smith-L. Mann
D-4. Where could I go (but to the Lord)2:18
Composer:J.B. Coats
D-5. Come in stranger2:09
Composer:J. Cash
D-6. Freight train2:04
Composer:M. Christian