Songs of a freeborn man

Jimmy Martin

Label:CMH CD 8440
Release Date:2003-04-08
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2003-05
County Sales:#258
   Amazon ASIN: B00008NGEA

Song Information:

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1. Made in the shade (if a tree don't fall)
2. If teardrops were pennies
4. 20/20 vision
Composer:Joe Allison-Milton Estes
5. Lost to a stranger
6. Pete, the best coon dog in the state of Tennessee
7. Ocean of diamonds
8. Sophronie
9. Mansion on the hill
10. Rose of old Kentucky
11. Sunny side of the mountain
13. Molly and Tenbrooks
14. Jimmy's mule
15. Put my little shoes away
16. Ruby
17. Widow maker
18. Don't let me cross over
19. If we never meet again
20. Darlin' Cory
21. It takes one to know one
22. Little Maggie
23. Honey, you don't know my mind
24. Will the circle be unbroken
25. Free born man