Sacred songs and mountain ballads

Lee Allen & the Dew Mountain Boys

Label:Old Homestead OHS 90006
Release Date:1972
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Praise God I'm ready to go2:35
Composer:Lee Allen
A-2. Orange Blossom Special2:56
A-3. Lady at the bar3:04
A-4. I'm just someone you've forgotten3:24
A-5. Pike County breakdown2:53
Composer:Lee Allen
A-6. Lord watch o'er my Daddy2:13
A-7. She's resting in Heaven2:34
B-1. Flowers on her grave2:45
Composer:Lee Allen
B-2. Sleep mother sleep4:04
Composer:Lee Allen
B-3. Wildwood flower2:24
B-4. Girl of shame3:23
Composer:Lee Allen
B-5. Don't go out tonight2:25
B-6. Panhandle country3:31
B-7. Let me rest2:07
Composer:R. Stanley