Anthology of recorded bluegrass. Vol. 1

Various artists

Label:Collector's Classics CC LP 19
Release Date:1983

Song Information:

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A-1. Countin' the daysDee Stone
A-2. You'll never find anotherHarley Gabbard & Aubrey Holt
A-3. Pilot Mountain ragDee Stone
A-4. Another nightHobo Jack (Adkins)
A-5. What can I doHarlin & Stanley, the Wright Brothers
A-6. Don't you hear those nightingales callingThe Brammer Brothers
B-1. No room in your life for me nowDee Stone
B-2. What a wonderful SaviourThe Brewster Brothers & Four Brothers Quartet
B-3. Highway 220Dee Stone
B-4. Our lady of angelsHobo Jack (Adkins)
B-5. Carolina mountain homeHarlin & Stanley, the Wright Brothers
B-6. Fiddle and bowThe Brammer Brothers