A Stoneman Christmas

The Stonemans

Label:MGM SE 4613
Release Date:1968-12
Country:United States
   Discogs.com ID: 3580709

Song Information:

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A-1. A Stoneman Christmas2:57
Composer:Cohen; Delmore Music, ASCAP
A-2. Little Jesus loves me2:57
Composer:McCune; Cedarwood Pub., BMI
A-3. Christmas time's a-comin'2:00
Composer:Logan; Kentucky Music, BMI
A-4. I won't be present this year2:02
Composer:Foster-Rice; Hall-Clement Pub., BMI
A-5. Blue Christmas2:40
Composer:Hayes-Johnson; Choice Music, ASCAP
A-6. Let's put Christ back into Christmas2:28
Composer:Matthews-Westberry; Jack Music, BMI
B-1. A Wecome stranger2:28
Composer:V. Stoneman-G. Stoneman; Jack Music, BMI
B-2. Santa played the autoharp2:18
Composer:Cohen; Delmore Music, ASCAP
B-3. Jingle bells2:30
Composer:Arr. Jack Clement; Jack Music, BMI
B-4. Tell it again2:00
Composer:Foster-Rice; Hall-Clement Pub., BMI
B-5. Christmas without Dad3:04
Composer:Hemrick; Jack Music & Yestermoon Assoc., BMI