Thunderin' bluegrass

Joe Ross with Cold Thunder

Label:Hop High Music 427
Release Date:1995
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. She has a gypsy heart
Composer:J. Ross
2. Those memories of you
Composer:A. O'Bryant
3. Mandolin king rag
Composer:Arr. J. Ross
4. Copenhagen, Beechnut and Skoal
Composer:C. Johnson
5. Mother's songs
Composer:J. Ross
6. On down the line
Composer:P. Loveless
7. My heart remembers
Composer:J. Ross
8. Wayfaring stranger
9. Little rabbit
10. Age
Composer:J. Croce
11. Why you been gone so long
Composer:M. Newbury
12. Little white washed chimney
13. Battle of New Orleans
Composer:J. Driftwood