Reflections : Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Various artists

Label:Planet Bluegrass PBG 0203
Release Date:2003
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2004-03

Song Information:

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3. The foxNickel Creek
4. Bluest man in townDel McCoury
5. John HardyB?la Fleck & Tony Trischka
9. The mighty clouds of joySam Bush
12. John HenryThe Johnson Mountain Boys 1:49
Recording Date:1980-08-21
Place:Bias Recording Co., Springfield, Va.
Instruments:Dudley Connell-g; Richard Underwood-bj; Ed D'Zmura-m; Eddie Stubbs-f; Larry Robbins-sb
Vocals:R. Underwood-L; D. Connell-T/HB; E. D'Zmura-B/T; E. Stubbs-BS
13. Land of the NavajoPeter Rowan