Piece of cake

Lubos Malina

Label:Compass 7-4263-2
Release Date:1999
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1999-06
   Amazon ASIN: B00000I0CQ

Song Information:

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1. The day the banjo players ruled the world2:07
2. The tree of leaf and fire4:50
3. Remembering3:41
4. Kdo to obchazi muj dum3:10
5. Gejza and Berta2:36
6. Rouse up, Roberto4:30
7. Rocky road blues3:19
8. Baflo breakdown2:41
9. Rain and snow5:05
10. In the not so high mountains4:17
11. Demoni4:49
12. Piece of cake2:55
13. Cibola2:18