A small patch of blue

Tom Travis Bluegrass Incident

Label:Proper TTCD 001
Release Date:2003
Country:United Kingdom
BG Unlimited:2003-12
   Amazon ASIN: B00GQ4D3OO

Song Information:

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1. Hey, who said you can't go home2:34
2. Oysters on Beale Street5:01
3. Billy Ralph3:39
4. Chinese whispers2:12
5. David's song3:07
6. Hello!2:52
7. Cattle feed blues2:50
8. We will be kind2:00
9. A small patch of blue4:39
10. Way to go!2:58
11. Hank, Lefty and George3:08
12. A room for Jesus4:11
13. The pickup3:06
14. Waltz for one4:55
15. Wood smoke3:40
16. The trouble is (I love the girl)3:44
17. Little does she know2:26