Barin' the "soles"

Blacks Mountain

Label:No label No #
Release Date:2001

Song Information:

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14. Party down yonder
13. In memory
12. Rosin' up the bow
12. Leaning/Just a little talk
11. When your river runs dry
11. Deep in the valley
10. Two different memories
10. Shanklin barn dance
9. The legend of Alice Rae
9. Foot of the cross
8. If only
8. Blacks Mountain home
7. This old highway
7. Noah Brown
6. Lost river
6. Hand of the Lord
5. You don't want me at all
5. Rails of the midnight train
4. My house is full
4. Broken lonesome and blue
3. Too close to the fire
3. Mama please pray for me
2. Come back to me
2. Burnin' love alive
1. Backroad
1. Back home