Bluegrass and old timey music

Charles River Valley Boys

Label:Prestige (N.J.) PRCD 24280
Release Date:2003
Country:United States
County Sales:#266

Song Information:

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1. Rocky island
2. White dove
3. Front porch backstep
4. When you see those flying saucers
5. Away out on the mountain
6. Foggy foggy dew
7. Easy winner
8. Leavin' home
9. The auctioneer
10. Victim to the tomb
11. Crazy Creek
12. Baby-O
13. There ain't nobody gonna miss me
14. Soldier's joy
15. Oh me oh my
16. Short life of trouble
17. Beautiful brown eyes
18. What have you done
19. Comin' from the ball
20. Sally Goodin
21. Uncle Pen
22. Angel band
23. Goodbye old pal
24. I see a bright light shining
25. On the Jericho road
26. Cherokee shuffle
27. My gal's a high born lady
28. Cryin' holy unto the Lord
29. Before I met you
30. Gonna lay down my old guitar