We pick the Navy

U.S. Navy Country Current

Label:U.S. Navy Recruiting Command SO-16287/8
Release Date:1979
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. We pick the Navy1:50
Composer:Jerry Gilmore
A-2. I'm a new man3:37
Composer:Red Lane
A-3. New Orleans ladies4:17
Composer:H. Garrick, L. Medica
A-4. Willie Jones3:04
Composer:Charlie Daniels
A-5. The Gambler3:07
Composer:Don Schlitz
A-6. Bud's therapy1:40
Composer:Buddy Charleton
B-1. I donít know you2:09
Composer:J. Dawson
B-2. Virginia real2:25
Composer:Jerry Gilmore
B-3. Emmy Lou2:20
Composer:Buzz Cason
B-4. Travelin' prayer3:08
Composer:B. Joel
B-5. Boogie grass band2:27
Composer:R. Reno
B-6. Redneck fiddlin' man3:16
Composer:C. Daniels, Tom Crain, Taz Digregorio