Live at Goose Creek

The Steel Wheels

Label:Goose Creek Music ?
Release Date:2011-05-03
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B0050O8RRY
   Google Play: Bkzzrkwfn657sboyfnk37yi45hm

Song Information:

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1. Riverside
2. Walk this way for awhile
3. Red wing
4. Dragging your heels
4. Love you like I should
5. With it all stripped away
6. Hymn for the unsung
7. Second of May
8. Long way to go
9. Surround me
10. Nothing you can't lose
11. Take a picture, lose your soul
12. The cuckoo
13. Blueridge Mountains
13. Hangman's reel
13. Honey bear
14. Dance me around the room
15. Working on a building
16. At long last
17. Spike driver