The one Rose

Rose Maddox

Label:Bear Family BCD 15743
Release Date:1993
Barcode:4000127157430 ID: 6653238
   Amazon ASIN: B0000282TK

Song Information:

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A-1. What makes me hang around
A-2. Bill Cline
A-3. Gambler's love
A-4. Lies and alibis
A-5. Custer's last stand
A-6. I lost today
A-7. Live and let live
A-8. My little baby
A-9. Philadelphia lawyer
A-10. Tramp on the street
A-11. Gathering flowers for the Master's bouquet
A-12. I'm happy every day I live
A-13. Sally let your bangs hang down
A-14. Whoa sailor
A-15. On the banks of the old Pontchartrain
A-16. Honky tonkin'
A-17. At the first fall of snow
A-18. Why don't you haul off and love me
A-19. Chocolate ice cream cone
A-20. Move it on over
A-21. Shining silver gleaming gold
A-22. Down, down, down
A-23. Please help me, I'm falling
A-24. Johnny's last kiss
A-25. Philadelphia lawyer
A-26. Wait a little longer please Jesus
A-27. An empty mansion
A-28. The great speckled bird
A-29. This world is not my home
B-1. That glory bound train
B-2. Drifting too far from the shore
B-3. When I take my vacation in Heaven
B-4. How beautiful Heaven must be
B-5. I'll reap my harvest in Heaven
B-6. Smoke, fire and brimstone
B-7. Will the circle be unbroken
B-8. Kneel at the cross
B-9. There's better times a-comin'
B-10. I want to live again
B-11. Kissing my pillow
B-12. Dime a dozen
B-13. Loose talk
B-14. Mental cruelty
B-15. Conscience I'm guilty
B-16. Read my letter once again
B-17. Tall men
B-18. Early in the morning
B-19. There ain't no love
B-20. What am I living for
B-21. Stop the world (and let me off)
B-22. Jim Dandy
B-23. North to Alaska
B-24. Lonely street
B-25. Gotta travel on
B-26. Just one more time
B-27. Don't tell me your troubles
B-28. There ain't no love
B-29. Your kind of lovin' won't do
C-1. Take me back again
C-2. Fool me again
C-3. Long journey home
C-4. From a beggar to a queen
C-5. Let's pretend we're strangers
C-6. If you see my baby
C-7. Let those brown eyes smile at me
C-8. When the sun goes down
C-9. Alone with you
C-10. My life has been a pleasure
C-11. Curly Joe
C-12. Here we go again
C-13. Long black limousine
C-14. White lightnin'
C-15. Uncle Pen
C-16. Footprints in the snow
C-17. Blue moon of Kentucky
C-18. My rose of old Kentucky
C-19. Molly and Tenbrooks
C-20. Rollin' in my sweet baby's arms
C-21. Cottonfields
C-22. Each season changes you
C-23. The old crossroad is waitin'
C-24. I'll meet you in church Sunday morning
C-25. Down, down, down
C-26. Ole slew foot
C-27. Lonely teardrops
C-28. Sing a little song of heartache
C-29. Tie a ribbon in the apple tree
C-30. George Carter
D-1. Let me kiss you for old times
D-2. I don't hear you
D-3. Down to the river
D-4. Somebody told somebody
D-5. Sweethearts in Heaven
D-6. We're the talk of the town
D-7. Back street affair
D-8. No fool like an old fool
D-9. I won't come in while he's there
D-10. Silver threads and golden needles
D-11. Bluebird let me tag along
D-12. That's a mighty long way to fall
D-13. Stand up fool
D-14. Silver threads and golden needles (master)
D-15. The great pretender
D-16. Tia Lisa Lynn
D-17. Lonely one
D-18. The big balls in Cowtown
D-19. Wabash Cannon Ball
D-20. I'll always be loving you
D-21. Mad at the world
D-22. Big, big day tomorrow
D-23. Cottonwood road
D-24. Down to the river