Singing and praising

Larry Fuller Band

Label:Old Homestead OHCD 4003
Release Date:1998
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1998-07

Song Information:

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1. Singing and praising the Lord
2. I took the wrong road
3. I've just seen the rock of ages
4. Daddy how I miss you
5. White oak on the hill
6. I shall not be moved
7. Gonna be movin'
8. Man in the middle
9. Green pastures in the sky
10. This place called Heaven
11. Let's take it to Jesus
12. Traveling the highway home
13. Honey in the rock
14. Jesus how I love you
15. Grandma's gone
16. I'd like to go back
17. I'll be wearing a crown of glory
18. Battlefield
19. Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me
20. Old time religion
21. Only life I know