Classic bluegrass, today and yesterday

Delia Bell & Bill Grant

Label:Old Homestead OHCD 4002
Release Date:1996
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1996-07

Song Information:

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1. A good day for the blues3:15
2. Where the dim lights are the dimmest2:52
3. The waltz of the angels3:31
4. Till my dying day3:00
5. Don't go out tonight2:50
6. Loving sweethearts2:23
7. Violet and the rose2:48
8. I'd rather be alone2:41
9. I'll hold you in my heart2:58
10. She's more to be pitied2:40
11. Web Rogers (where have you gone)3:58
12. Bluer than midnight3:30
13. Heart's bouquet2:22
14. What about you3:06
15. Kiamichi Mountain home2:18
16. Are you waiting just for me2:43
17. Don't let your sweet love die2:43
18. Tragic romance5:58
19. Big cedar2:41
20. Come back and get those memories3:00