Close the door lightly

Catherine Lawrence & Colchester County Bluegrass

Label:Magnum Opus No #
Release Date:2002

Song Information:

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1. Close the door lightly2:50
2. Come back to me in my dreams2:27
3. A Faded love, a broken heart2:50
4. Sunday memories3:23
5. The Waltz of the bride2:17
6. Gathering flowers from the hillside3:14
7. Deepening snow3:26
8. 'Till I'm too old to die young2:59
9. Slippers with wings3:48
10. It was only the wind3:02
11. Bluegrass break-up3:18
12. It's you only that I love3:11
13. Don't trade your love for gold2:56
14. Those gone and left me blues2:34
15. Echo of your footsteps2:31