Color of the blues

Bob Paisley & the Southern Grass

Label:Strictly Country SCR 55
Release Date:2003-10
BG Unlimited:2004-05
County Sales:#264

Song Information:

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16. Sitting on top of the worldBob Paisley
15. Shenandoah breakdownBob Paisley
14. Rose of old KentuckyBob Paisley
13. Kentucky waltzBob Paisley
12. Whose shoulder will you cry onBob Paisley
11. When you're lonelyBob Paisley
10. Sally AnnBob Paisley
9. Low & lonelyBob Paisley
8. Ragtime AnnieBob Paisley
7. Color of the bluesBob Paisley
6. Sad prisoner's songBob Paisley
5. John HardyBob Paisley
4. I'll take the blameBob Paisley
3. Paddy on the turnpikeBob Paisley
2. Heavenly light is shiningBob Paisley
1. Walking the dogBob Paisley