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Delaney Brothers Bluegrass

Label:No label No #
Release Date:200-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Shuckin' the corn
2. I have found the way
3. Lonely moon
4. Katrina's lullaby
5. The Lord's last supper
6. What will you do with this man
7. Jerusalem Ridge
8. Wicked path of sin
9. Preaching by the roadside
10. Monroe's lament
11. Better days to come
12. How great thou art
13. Heart of a little mountain girl
14. Ashokan farewell
15. He rode all the way to Texas
16. The only girl
17. A time to learn
18. Kentucky mandolin
19. The hills that I call home
20. Sawing on the strings
21. Bill Monroe theme