Live at the European World of Bluegrass, 1999-2003

Liz Meyer with Nugget

Label:Strictly Country SCR 56
Release Date:2003-10
BG Unlimited:2004-01
   Amazon ASIN: B0002N5YGK
   Google Play: Bzaugirk6yr3st6c7alavfptnwq

Song Information:

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1. Keep your heart away from me3:40
2. You run away3:31
3. The only wind that blows3:02
4. I can't make you love me3:11
5. It won't be long4:19
6. Blue night3:31
7. I've got a feelin'3:27
8. Water under the bridge3:41
9. How many times can you2:36
10. That's all5:02
11. How mountain girls can love2:15
12. I miss you3:42
13. Crossing the threshold of3:00
14. The only wind that blows2:33
15. Trying not to think3:14
16. Bad seed4:09