Five of a kind

Arwen Mountain

Label:Chelsea House CHR 2003
Release Date:1977
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1977-09

Song Information:

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B-6. Tramps and hawkers3:31
B-5. Cold sailor2:51
B-4. Yellow gals1:32
B-3. Wait a minute4:01
B-2. Choo-choo ch'boogie2:43
B-1. 'Tater patch1:55
A-7. Just because2:37
A-6. Crazy 'bout my honey dip3:07
A-5. 28th of January2:45
A-4. That's what I like about the South2:29
A-3. Flat Street getaway2:35
A-2. Sweet moments3:01
A-1. California cottonfields2:43