The early years

Charlie Monroe's Boys

Label:Old Homestead OHCS 133
Release Date:198-?
Country:United States ID: 3433635

Song Information:

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A-1. The Black sheepCharlie Monroe 2:43
A-2. Is she praying there?Charlie Monroe 2:48
A-3. You're gonna miss me when I'm goneCharlie Monroe 2:09
A-4. Oh deathCharlie Monroe 2:06
A-5. Guided by loveCharlie Monroe 2:37
A-6. If you see my saviorCharlie Monroe 1:58
A-7. From shore to shoreCharlie Monroe 2:28
A-8. Joy bells in my soulCharlie Monroe 2:13
A-9. Just one yearCharlie Monroe 2:15
B-1. Farther alongCharlie Monroe 2:40
B-2. Once I had a darling motherCharlie Monroe 3:16
B-3. No place to pillow my headCharlie Monroe 2:04
B-4. Great speckled birdCharlie Monroe 2:09
B-5. Every time I feel the spiritCharlie Monroe 2:02
B-6. Sweet FernCharlie Monroe 2:20
B-7. Take me back to the valleyCharlie Monroe 2:16
B-8. Happy spriritCharlie Monroe 2:34
B-9. When the world's on fireCharlie Monroe 2:07