It's a long way back : old time music from a bygone era

Roy Harper

Label:Old Homestead OHCS 80094
Release Date:198-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. It's a long way back
A-2. Put me in your pocket
A-3. Fisherman's luck
A-4. Raindrop waltz
A-5. Mabel Claire
A-6. A flower from my mother's grave
A-7. The boomers tale of woe
A-8. Doll of clay
B-1. Stayed in the wagon yard
B-2. Hobo's meditation
B-3. Faded love
B-4. When the wagon was new
B-5. White House blues
B-6. Where the red, red roses grow
B-7. They cut down the old pine tree
B-8. Aloha oe