Coffee-drinkin' night hawk

Lee Moore

Label:Rural Rhythm RHY 202
Release Date:199-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Little girl dressed in blue
A-2. You're my own sweet darling wife
A-3. My mother's grave
A-4. Automobile of life
A-5. Answer to the Maple on the hill
A-6. She's some daisy for 19 years old
A-7. You are my love
A-8. Heavenly Cannonball
A-9. Strand from a yellow curl
A-10. When mother played the organ
B-1. The cat came back
B-2. Streamlined Cannonball
B-3. Strawberry roan
B-4. I believe that good old Bible
B-5. The deepening snow
B-6. The weary traveler
B-7. When father hung the paper on the wall
B-8. I'm going home this evening
B-9. Wreck of the Happy Valley
B-10. Single life is good enough for me