Slidin' smoke

Mike Auldridge & Jeff Newman

Label:Flying Fish FF 080
Release Date:1979
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1980-07

Song Information:

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A-1. Buck dancer2:15
Composer:Mike Auldridge-Jeff Newman
A-2. Blue bayou2:41
Composer:Roy Orbison-Joe Melson
A-3. Smoke no. 10:27
A-4. The world is waiting for the sunrise2:37
Composer:Eugene Lockhart-Ernest Sietze
A-5. When I dream3:05
Composer:Sandy Mason Theoret
A-6. Smoke no. 21:05
A-7. Summer thunder3:04
Composer:Mike Auldridge-Jeff Newman
B-1. Sportin' life3:30
B-2. Smoke no. 30:30
B-3. Spanish folk song3:07
B-4. I'm so lonesome I could cry2:29
Composer:Hank Williams
B-5. Smoke no. 40:24
B-6. Coal tender2:18
Composer:Mike Auldridge-Jeff Newman
B-7. Send in the clowns2:55
Composer:S. Sondheim