16 sacred gospel songs

Grandpa Jones & Brown's Ferry Four

Label:King 822
Release Date:1963
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Come and dine2:40
A-2. Dark as a dungeon2:55
A-3. Our fathers had religion2:34
A-4. Jonah and the whale2:42
A-5. Light in his soul2:45
A-6. That depot in the sky2:49
A-7. Get back on the glory road2:48
A-8. 144,000 were there2:43
B-1. arm of God2:32
B-2. Can't you hear Him calling2:26
B-3. Eternity without Him2:31
B-4. Bound for the shore2:13
B-5. Heaven eternal for me2:19
B-6. What shall I do with Jesus2:24
B-7. Praise God! He loves everybody2:40
B-8. You must be born again2:19