28 greatest hits

Grandpa Jones

Label:King KSCD 5102
Release Date:1998-05-19
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B000007OB3

Song Information:

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1. Mountain dew2:45
2. 15 cents is all I got2:50
3. You'll make our shack a mansion2:39
4. Eight more miles to Louisville2:44
5. Bald headed end of the broom2:27
6. Old rattler2:49
7. Down in Dixie (where they say you all)2:23
8. East bound freight train3:03
9. Time, time, time, time2:19
10. Take it on out the door1:50
11. Get back on the glory road2:48
12. I'm tying the leaves so they won't come down2:51
13. You dome me mean and hateful2:44
14. I don't know gee from haw2:36
15. I'm my own grandpa2:38
16. Chicken don't roost too high2:33
17. Tragic romance2:55
18. Daisy Dean2:37
19. Are you from Dixie2:35
20. Five-string banjo boogie2:39
21. How many biscuits can you eat1:54
22. Old rattler's treed again2:42
23. Grandpa's getting married again2:43
24. It's raining here this morning2:53
25. Our fathers had religion2:35
26. Don't sweet talk me2:11
27. Uncle Eph's got the coon2:39
28. My little nagging wife2:38