Jimmy Martin's 20 greatest hits

Jimmy Martin & his Sunny Mountain Boys

Label:Deluxe 7863
Release Date:1988
Country:United States
County Sales:#187

Song Information:

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B-10. Knoxville girl
B-9. Taylor made Sally good
B-8. Who's calling you sweetheart tonight
B-7. One woman man
B-6. Bluegrass singing man
B-5. Run Pete run
B-4. Foggy Mountain breakdown
B-3. I know you're married (but I love you still)
B-2. Sweet little Maggie
B-1. Widow maker
A-10. Lover's lane
A-9. Honey, you don't know my mind
A-8. Don't let your sweet love die
A-7. Blue moon of Kentucky
A-6. Rolling in my sweet baby's arms
A-5. Uncle Pen
A-4. Beautiful brown eyes
A-3. Pete, the best coon dog in the state of Tennessee
A-2. Truck driving man
A-1. Freeborn man