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Various artists

Label:King 1485
Release Date:2002-08-20
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Swanee RiverNashville Banjos
A-2. Twinkle little starNashville Banjos
A-3. Yellow rose of TexasNashville Banjos
A-4. CindyNashville Banjos
A-5. Bill BaileyNashville Banjos
A-6. LibertyNashville Banjos
A-7. Old McDonaldNashville Banjos
A-8. Columbus Stockade bluesNashville Banjos
B-1. DixieNashville Banjos
B-2. Blackberry blossomNashville Banjos
B-3. Battle hymn of the republicNashville Banjos
B-4. Old Joe ClarkNashville Banjos
B-5. Cielito LindoNashville Banjos
B-6. Handsome MollyNashville Banjos
B-7. Under the double eagleNashville Banjos
B-8. Down yonderNashville Banjos