Bluegrass spectacular : 30 original tunes

Various artists

Label:Country Stars CTS 55424
Release Date:1998-09-01

Song Information:

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Banjo whizBill Emerson
Budded rosesJim Eanes
Darlin' AllaleeCountry Gentlemen
High lonesomeCountry Gentlemen
I'll never see you anymoreBill Harrell
There'll come a timeJim Eanes
Tragic highwayBill Harrell
When you're out of my armsKentucky Travelers
Where will this endBuzz Busby
1. Little MaggieStanley Brothers
2. I wouldn't change you if I couldJim Eanes
3. Home is where the heart isConnie & Joe
4. Bending the stringsAllen Shelton
5. Me and the juke boxBuzz Busby
6. Living my life in vainKentucky Travelers
7. Poor Ellen SmithCountry Gentlemen
8. Country stringsBill Browning
9. Big manKen Clark
10. Lonesome windBuzz Busby
11. Rollin' stoneCountry Gentlemen
12. Give me back my five dollarsStringbean
13. Bury me beneath the willowBill Clifton
14. Will there be a rainbowKentucky Travelers
15. Talking banjoBuzz Busby
16. One track mindBill Harrell
17. Hand on the glassJim Eanes
18. Toil, tears, and troubleConnie & Joe
19. Stringbean and his banjoStringbean
20. Lonesome roadBuzz Busby
30. The hills and homeCountry Gentlemen