Bluegrass spectacular : 30 original tunes

Various artists

Label:Country Stars CTS 55424
Release Date:1998-09-01
Barcode:8712177016280 ID: 6504196
   Amazon ASIN: B00000JO6Y

Song Information:

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1. Little MaggieThe Stanley Brothers 2:45
Recording Date:1960-06
Place:Magnum Studio, Jacksonville, FL
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; Curley Lambert-g; Ralph Mayo-f; Audie Webster-sb
Vocals:R. Stanley-L
2. I wouldn't change you if I couldJim Eanes 2:23
3. Home is where the heart isConnie & Joe 2:00
4. Bending the stringsAllen Shelton 1:49
5. Me and the juke boxBuzz Busby 1:54
6. Living my life in vainThe Kentucky Travelers 2:19
7. Poor Ellen SmithThe Country Gentlemen 2:13
Recording Date:1960-03
Place:Capitol Transcriptions, Washington, DC
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; Eddie Adcock-bj; John Duffey-m; Jim Cox-sb
Vocals:J. Duffey-HL
8. Country stringsBill Browning 2:14
9. Big manKen Clark 2:00
10. Lonesome windBuzz Busby 2:38
11. Rollin' stoneThe Country Gentlemen 2:36
Recording Date:1958-11-06
Place:Ben Adelman's/Empire Studio, Takoma Park, MD
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; John Duffey-db/m; Pete Kuykendall-bj; Tom Morgan-sb
Vocals:P. Kuykendall-L; J. Duffey-T; C. Waller-B
12. Give me back my five dollarsStringbean 2:30
13. Bury me beneath the willowBill Clifton 2:09
14. Will there be a rainbowThe Kentucky Travelers 2:04
15. Talking banjoBuzz Busby 1:37
16. One track mindBill Harrell 2:28
17. Hand on the glassJim Eanes 2:16
18. Toil, tears, and troubleConnie & Joe 1:57
19. Stringbean and his banjoStringbean 2:31
20. Lonesome roadBuzz Busby 2:32
21. When you're out of my armsThe Kentucky Travelers 2:06
22. There'll come a timeJim Eanes 2:44
23. Darlin' AllaleeThe Country Gentlemen 2:00
Recording Date:1960-01
Place:Capitol Transcriptions, Washington, DC
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; John Duffey-m; Eddie Adcock-bj; Jim Cox-sb
Vocals:C. Waller-L; J. Duffey-T; E. Adcock-B
24. Banjo whizBill Emerson 1:19
25. I'll never see you anymoreBill Harrell 2:32
26. High lonesomeThe Country Gentlemen 2:26
Recording Date:1958-05
Place:Ben Adelman's, Washington, DC
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; John Duffey-m/sb; Bill Emerson-bj; Carl Nelson-f; Pete Kuykendall-m
Vocals:C. Waller-L; J. Duffey-T; B. Emerson-B
27. Where will this endBuzz Busby 2:17
28. Budded rosesJim Eanes 3:03
29. Tragic highwayBill Harrell 2:29
30. The hills and homeThe Country Gentlemen 2:22
Recording Date:1959-06-30
Place:Capitol Transcriptions, Washington, DC
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; John Duffey-m/db; Eddie Adcock-bj; Jim Cox-sb
Vocals:C. Waller-L; J. Duffey-T; E. Adcock-B