Pickin' on Led Zeppelin. Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

CMH Studio Band

Label:CMH CMH 1709
Release Date:2003-10-14
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B0000CC862

Song Information:

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A-1. D'yer maker
A-2. Kashmir
A-3. Ramble on
A-4. Black dog
A-5. Babe I'm gonna leave you
A-6. Going to California
A-7. No quarter
A-8. The song remains the same
A-9. All my love
A-10. Battle of Evermore
A-11. Rock and roll
A-12. Stairway to Heaven
B-1. Gallows pole
B-2. Misty mountain hop
B-3. Whole lotta love
B-4. Your time is gonna come
B-5. Over the hills and far away
B-6. Nobody's fault but mine
B-7. Trampled underfoot
B-8. Bron-y-aur stomp
B-9. Black Mountain side
B-10. Jed Zepplin