Dueling banjos

Banjo Barons

Label:Harmony KH 32214
Release Date:1973
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Dueling banjos
A-2. Blowin' in the wind
Composer:B. Dylan
A-3. Green, green
Composer:B. McGuire-R. Sparks
A-4. Where have all the flowers gone
Composer:P. Seeger
A-5. You're so vain
Composer:C. Simon
B-1. I can see clearly now
Composer:J. Nash
B-2. The green leaves of summer
Composer:P.F. Webster-D. Tiomkin
B-3. El Paso
Composer:M. Robbins
B-4. Greenfields
Composer:T. Gilkyson-R. Dehr-F. Miller
B-5. Song sung blue
Composer:N. Diamond