Flatpicking guitar

Various artists

Label:Kicking Mule KM 210
Release Date:1980
Country:United States
   Discogs.com ID: 5752040

Song Information:

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A-1. Big Sandy RiverDick Fegy
A-2. All of meBarry Solomon
A-3. Tom and JerrySteve Kaufman
A-4. Irish reelsEric Thompson
A-5. Red haired boyDick Fegy
A-6. Do re miDan Crary
A-7. Fire hose reelDick Fegy
A-8. Rye whiskeyBarry Solomon
B-1. Fishing Creek blues / Arkansas travelerDan Crary
B-2. RedwingSteve Kaufman
B-3. Drunken billy goatDick Fegy
B-4. Port Arthur bluesEric Thompson
B-5. Hello strangerDan Crary
B-6. Whiskey before breakfast / St. Anne's reelSteve Kaufman
B-7. Back home in IndianaBarry Solomon
B-8. Possum up a gum stumpDick Fegy
B-9. Cattle in the caneBarry Solomon