That's it!

Ricky Skaggs

Label:Rebel C 1550
Release Date:1975
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Red apple rag2:00
Composer:Arthur Smith
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-m; Marc Pruett-bj; Terry Baucom-f; Jerry "Flux" Douglas-db; Hobert Skaggs-g; Tom Gray-sb
A-2. Darktown strutter's ball1:47
Composer:Arr. Ricky Skaggs
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-m/g/f; Marc Pruett-bj; Jerry "Flux" Douglas-db; Tom Gray-sb
A-3. Florida blues2:17
Composer:Arthur Smith
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-m/g/f; Hobert Skaggs-g; Marc Pruett-bj; Jerry "Flux" Douglas-db; Tom Gray-sb
A-4. The bubble gum song2:19
Composer:Arr. R. Skaggs
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-m/f/clawhammer bj; Hobert Skaggs-g; Tom Gray-sb
Vocals:Ricky Skaggs-L
A-5. Whitesburg5:19
Composer:Arr. R. Skaggs
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-m/f; Marc Pruett-bj; Hobert Skaggs-g; Tom Gray-sb
A-6. Meetin' house branch3:10
Composer:Ricky Skaggs
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-f; Marc Pruett-bj
B-1. Sweet Georgia Brown2:41
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-m/f; Marc Pruett-bj; Terry Baucom-g; Jerry "Flux" Douglas-db; Ed Ferris-sb; Steve Ham-bs
B-2. Hook & line2:32
Composer:Ricky Skaggs
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-clawhammer bj/m/f; Hobert Skaggs-g; Tom Gray-sb
B-3. Southern moon3:16
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-g; Hobert Skaggs-g; Terry Baucom-f; Marc Pruett-bj; Ed Ferris-sb
Vocals:Hobert Skaggs-L; Ricky Skaggs-T
B-4. 21 fiddle salute2:38
Composer:Arr. Ricky Skaggs
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-15 f; Terry Baucom-6 fiddles; Hobert Skaggs-g; Marc Pruett-bj; Tom Gray-sb
B-5. That's it2:27
Composer:Ricky Skaggs
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-f; Terry Baucom-f; Hobert Skaggs-g; Jerry "Flux" Douglas-db; Marc Pruett-bj; Tom Gray-sb
B-6. That evergreen shore3:26
Composer:Dorothy Skaggs
Instruments:Ricky Skaggs-m/g/f; Terry Baucom-f; Marc Pruett-bj; Jerry "Flux" Douglas-db; Ed Ferris-sb
Vocals:Dorothy Skaggs-L; Ricky Skaggs-B; Terry Baucom-LT