Can't stop now

Summer Wages

Label:Rebel C 1659
Release Date:1987
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1988-06

Song Information:

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A-1. She's no angel2:46
Composer:Ballman, Arnold
A-2. My heart2:40
Composer:C. Quillen, D. Pfrimmer
A-3. Raining in Kentucky4:44
Composer:D.A. Coe, T. Clark
A-4. How long has it been2:14
Composer:Wayne Barnett
A-5. Garden in the sky3:06
Composer:Louisiana Lou
A-6. If I lose2:05
B-1. Legend of the highway1:47
Composer:J. Chestnut
B-2. House on the hill2:52
Composer:M. Lilly, T. Thompson
B-3. Blue-eyed darling3:18
Composer:J. Martin, Osborne
B-4. The land we're living in2:18
Composer:Jerffrey Tolbert
B-5. The last song3:16
Composer:L.E. White, J. Martin