Bluegrass '87

Bill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys

Label:MCA MCA 5970
Release Date:1987
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:1987-09

Song Information:

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B-5. Dancin' in Brancin'
B-4. Angels, rock me to sleep2:40
Recording Date:1951-03-05
Place:Castle Studio, Tulane Hotel, Nashville, TN
Master:2364 / 80728
Instruments:Bill Monroe-m; Grady Martin-electric g; Jimmy Selph-g; Tommy Jackson-f; Ernie Newton-sb; Farris Coursey-drums
Vocals:B. Monroe-L; J. Martin-T; R. Lyle, B; M. Estes-BS
B-3. Bluest man in town
B-2. Stay away from me
B-1. The old Brown County barn2:31
Recording Date:1985-06-17
Composer:Bill Monroe
Place:Nashville, TN
A-5. The old crossroads
Composer:Bill Monroe
A-4. Jekyll Island
A-3. Music Valley waltz
A-2. Mighty dark to travel
A-1. The long bow2:48
Recording Date:1986-03-18
Composer:Bill Monroe
Place:Nashville, TN